Digital Marketing Strategy

Your brand message

Your bank is unique. Your brand and your messaging should fit like a glove, and work like a charm. To make that happen, our first step is to discover your true identity. What is your unique story? Who are your customers and how do they perceive your brand? How is your community changing? And how can you embrace that change and thrive?

Defining goals

At Fisential, we recognize the importance of the discovery phase. You know what your goals are. We need to learn them, and get a clear picture of the full landscape, including your past and current marketing, your issues and your competitors.

We’ll then make specific recommendations and develop a custom digital marketing strategy based on your circumstances, your goals and your budget. We’ll take advantage of proven strategies that we know will work. And we’ll step outside of the box a little too. After all, creativity is one of the keys to successful marketing.

Marketing channel touchpoints

Your new digital strategy will be consistent across all marketing channels, and will build a better and more personal customer experience. Your branding, website, mobile apps, social media, ads, landing pages, email messaging, direct mail, graphics, displays and other creative will all work in unison to deliver a clear message and build a stronger image that will turbocharge your growth.

We can also help you integrate your marketing silos into your cloud CRM solution using API connectivity. Take advantage of marketing automation, enhanced prospect tracking, relationship mapping, task management, data analytics, and centralized tools for streamlining workflows, generating reports and triggering outreach efforts and responses.

Your bank’s marketing team will enjoy the collaboration (as will ours.) Fisential is here to help with implementation of the marketing strategy, with as much or as little involvement as your organization prefers. We’re flexible, and always ready to help.

Get ready to...

  • Deliver a better digital experience for your customers.
  • Get a clearer view with data analytics.
  • See an increase in new customers.
  • Stay ahead on security & compliance.
  • Get a web solution designed specifically for your bank.

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